Cyprus is known as “The Playground of the Gods”, as well as the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love- Aphrodite. What better place to solidify the union between you and your partner, than on a beautiful Mediterranean island with a history that is so intertwined with love.

Located in the southeast Mediterranean, Cyprus is an island of contrast, diversity, and raw natural beauty. The sun shines high in the sky for over 3500 hours a year, and the temperatures rarely dip below 18 degrees, meaning that Cyprus is the perfect location for a beautiful wedding, 365 days a year.

With very little rainfall throughout the year, you are almost guaranteed a beautiful day for your big day. Unlike many other Mediterranean destinations that can be quite seasonal, Cyprus enjoys glorious, mild weather all year round making it the perfect choice for those looking for an out of season option.

When it comes to diverse surroundings, Cyprus really does have it all. From dramatic, rolling mountains, to picture-perfect beaches and everything in-between, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the perfect location.

The Troodos Mountain range is the largest on the island and runs right through its very heart. The highest point is Mount Olympus at 1952m and its slopes are peppered with beautiful villages, Byzantine monasteries, and romantic churches- all possible destinations for your dream wedding. Some of the peaks even get snow in the winter, so if you are thinking of a winter wedding, this is always a possibility.

The Cypriot countryside is incredibly breath-taking, but where the island really comes into its own is with its beaches. Miles upon mile of sand that is gently lapped by the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea offers couples a wealth of locations for the perfect beach wedding.


A popular destination for couples looking for the perfect summer wedding, Protaras is famous for its incredibly beautiful and picture-perfect beaches. A beach wedding is a popular dream and what could be more romantic that feeling the soft sand between your toes, hearing the sounds of the ocean in the background, and watching the sun go down over the water as you exchange your vows? Protaras also offers incredible 5-star hotels and stunning Orthodox churches that are both available to host your special day. With a little bit of everything on offer, it is not hard to see why Protaras is the top of so many couple’s destination list.


As one of the biggest metropolitan areas on the island, Limassol offers a multitude of venues to suit every taste, requirement and concept. From dreamy beach weddings, to stylish events in 5-star hotels, and boat ceremonies to weddings at historical sites- you have a bit of everything to choose from. Limassol enjoys miles and miles of beaches, views across to the mountains, and a wealth of both quaint and majestic locations of outstanding natural and manmade beauty. Whatever your dream is, the city of Limassol can provide an option that ticks your boxes.

There is no doubt that The Island of Love is the perfect place for weddings. With its all-year-round good weather, it’s incredible and unsurpassed scenery, and the top class quality of the vendors and suppliers that Thekla works with, Cyprus is the only logical choice for what is sure to be a wedding of a lifetime.


Listed as one of the top 30 most beautiful small towns in Europe, it is not hard to see why Lefkara is so popular with happy couples. Located on the southern slops of the Troodos Mountains, it is comprised of cobbled streets, beautiful architecture, and some of the most incredibly impressive views over the surrounding countryside. A popular location for local and foreign couples who dream of a rustic and beautiful special day. Popular wedding locations on Lefkara include a winery, country houses, the local church, and various other venues that are all available for hire. One of the best things about Lefkara is the picturesque town surroundings that offer the perfect backdrop for some very special wedding pictures.


The city of Paphos was named as the European City of Culture 2017, and as soon as you visit it, you will see why. Located on the coast in the south west of the island, it consists of miles of glorious coastline with majestic mountain ranges flanking it to the south east. Paphos is home to some of the finest and most luxurious 5-star hotels on the island and this fact combined with its abundance of historical sites, as well as it being listed as a UNESCO treasure of cultural and natural world heritage, means there is no shortage of spectacular spots for you to consider tying the knot.


The city of Laranaca is the third largest in Cypurs and it is well known for its palm-tree lined promenade that stretches for miles alongside the incredibly blue, crystal waters. It is also home to the Church of Saint Lazarus and a medieval fort amongst others, which can all offer a perfect backdrop to your special day. Whether you are looking for an exotic beach wedding with the waves lapping the shore, or you want to exchange your vows in the historic atmosphere of one of its historical treasures- Larnaca offers the perfect locations for an incredible destination wedding.


The capital of Cyprus, and located in the middle of the island, Nicosia offers a fascinating selection of venues such as galleries, theatres, monasteries, churches, and beautiful open spaces. Popular wedding locations include the Pallouriotissa Old Market, the Municipal Garden, Melina Mercouri Hall, and the Municipal Multipurpose Center which is situated next to the famous, Famagusta Gate. The city of Nicosia is a vibrant and metropolitan place with an incredible range of unique architecture and at atmosphere that suits those looking for a modern and stylish theme to their event.